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A family passion for cooking

Owner Ban Aldin is passionate about cooking.  An engineer by trade her love of cooking comes from her childhood memories in Iraq.  Her mother was a great cook and she was always exploring different cuisines and making changes to common recipes by adding her own flavours. As a child Ban used to be her helper/ taster as she was happy to try anything she cooked. 


Years later when living and studying in the UK Ban discovered how much people were interested and loved the food she cooked.  Soon she found herself cooking for flatmates and friends all the time, and they couldn't get enough.

It has been a dream of Ban's to have her own cafe, although she says she will never stop being an engineer! Its in her blood as much as cooking. Luckily her skillset will still be used for planning, budget/cost, getting job done on time, quality and most importantly team work!

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