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Fruit and Leaves


Sustainability is a way of life.  We truly believe, in order to preserve this planet for our children and their children, we must work together.

Owners Ban and Guy, are very passionate about sustainability and preserving the earth for their children.

Growing up in a community where this was a natural way of life, Ban's family had to be creative with what they had.  Hand me down cloths, were made into patchwork rugs by her grandmother, which included fabric cuttings from the dresses that Ban's Mother sewed for her.


They always washed and rewashed plastic bags to reuse when freezing anything and everything. They soon came to see the freezer as a gift of sustainability and to this day Ban still believes in this.

Another sustainable practice is to re-use the water that they use for washing vegetables etc when watering their garden.

It's a subject that Ban could talk about all day and her family still make jokes about the things they recycled and why they did it.

A sustainable lifestyle to Ban and Guy, is more than just a word that gets thrown around loosely.

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We use seasonal produce for healthy soils and the environment


We use compostable take-out solutions that are better for the environment.


We encourage our customers to bring their re-usable cup/containers for that favourite take out hot brew.

Paddock to plate

Our edible herb garden is our pride and joy.  We are also in the process of planting a variety of edible fruit trees and a large vegetable garden and flower garden.

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